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17 Mar 2022

ESTA’s President Steps Down After 3 Terms in Office

Operating across two sections, ESTA consists of the Abnormal Transport section and the Mobile Crane section. This month David Collett completes his tenure after serving nine years as the president of ESTA, the umbrella organisation for the Heavy/Abnormal Transport and Mobile Crane trade associations across Europe.

David recalls, “I first attended the ESTA organisation meetings in April 2006 as UK representative for the Heavy Transport Association, as a replacement of the retiring HTA delegate.  At the same meeting, I was voted on to the Board of Directors of ESTA and also voted as the new President for the Abnormal Transport section where I remained as President for the following seven years.”

“In 2013, after the sad passing of Christian Jacque Vernazza, the ESTA Membership voted me to take the position of the President of the whole organisation of ESTA.  A post which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed throughout the years.”  Continues David.

The constitution of ESTA is that each post is allocated for a three-year term, a member can only be voted to remain in post for a maximum of three terms, meaning that after nine years, the delegate has to resign the post and be replaced.

“It’s been a pleasure to spearhead the organisation for the last nine years, and although this sees the end of my tenure as president, I will continue to sit on the Board of Directors for the association, and look forward to contributing to the future development of the organisation.”

David’s period in office is regarded as highly successful, during which ESTA has become increasingly influential with governments, regulators and the European Commission, promoting issues such as safety and the harmonization of Europe’s rules and regulations.

Fabio Belli, the CEO of Fagioli, has been nominated to take over as ESTA President when David’s term comes to a close in March of this year.

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