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19 Dec 2018

Equinor Platform Norway Bound

The Johan Sverdrup processing platform is now sailing to Norway from Korea on board Boskalis Vanguard, the world’s largest heavy-transport vessel. Photographs – Equinor

Date 19 December 2018

Fully assembled and tested, the topside for the Johan Sverdrup processing platform is leaving the Samsung Heavy Industries yard on time, below budget and with no serious incidents.

The topside is heading for the Kværner yard on Stord where two pedestal cranes will be mounted, and further preparations will be made, before it is to be lifted into position at the Johan Sverdrup field in one single lift by the Pioneering Spirit vessel in the spring of 2019.

The processing topside weighs approximately 28,100 tons and measures 139 meters long, 69 meters wide, and 72 meters tall.

Source Equinor

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