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30 Sep 2021

Enerpac Trolley System Enables 4000t Ship Transport in Amico & Co Shipyard

Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology has supplied a heavy lift trolley system to super and mega yachts refit and repair specialist, Amico & Co, for lifting and transporting yachts weighing up to 4000t. An integral part of Amico’s new ‘ShipLift’ expansion at its Genoa shipyard, the Enerpac trolley system allows Amico to significantly increase its shipyard infrastructure with six new work slots for additional mega yachts of up to 95m.

The Amico ShipLift system allows yachts that would otherwise need to be docked in dry-docks to be hauled from the water and put on hardstanding for repair and refit works. It uses a submersible platform, housed inside a dedicated dock structure, that raises the vessel up to ground level using a series of synchronized hoists.

The Enerpac trolley system runs under the trestle supporting the yacht, lifts the trestle and moves it along a ‘fixed-rail’ system crisscrossing the shipyard. The Enerpac trolley system comprises a total of 24 trolleys positioned in two rows of 12 in pairs below the trestle supporting the vessel. Each trolley is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders: one with a SWL of 170t to lift the yacht and one with reduced capacity to lift the trolley for 90° rotation of the trolley’s wheels. In this way the trolley system is able to easily move the yacht across the rail grid network.

The entire lifting trolley system is controlled by a single handheld wireless control system, which allows one operator fully integrated, synchronized operation. Load movements are more stable due to the continuous movement and ability to precisely control travel speed including acceleration and deceleration, this makes it highly suitable for repetitive movements. Enerpac’s trolley system is also easy to transport and deploy because of its modular design, which can be further expanded to accommodate the requirements of larger projects.

“The trolley system,“ says Bruno Guglielmini, managing director of Amico, ”has been set up and improved thanks to the close technical cooperation between the teams of Enerpac and Amico, and is the natural complement of our new ShipLift, allowing us to handle the yachts very quickly and in full safety”.

The ShipLift manoeuvring system is 100% zero-emissions as both the system for lifting the vessel out of the sea, and the trestle and track system that moves the vessels on the hardstanding, are powered electrically by the shipyard’s own electrical supply.

The ShipLift and new slots, spanning over a new 15,000m² area, complete and expand the range of facilities already available at Amico & Co’s original concessionary area covering 45,000m².

The Enerpac trolley system is a key part of the Amico ShipLift system for super yachts


Source Enerpac

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