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29 Apr 2021

Enerpac SBL1100 Boom Style Gantry Lifts 470t Generator for Removal

Leading Algerian heavy lift company, Global Freight Transit SARL, relied upon an Enerpac SBL1100 hydraulic gantry to remove a 470t generator at the Koudiet Eddraouch power station in El-Tarf province, 700 kilometers east of Algiers, Algeria. The telescopic gantry allowed the safe removal of the generator, and its subsequent re-installation, following routine maintenance.

One of the largest combined-cycle power plants in the region, Koudiet Eddraouch power station has a production capacity of 1200 MW. Maintenance of generators can be difficult within the confines of a power plant. The SBL1100 gantry was used to lift the generator 4.1m onto supports, allowing maintenance work to be completed before it was lowered back into its housing.

“The Enerpac SBL1100 is invaluable for this kind of lift where we have heavy loads and limited workspace,” says Sofiane Issiakhem, Logistics Coordinator, Global Freight Transport. “Ease of deployment and operation of the gantry has allowed us to safely conduct similar generator lift projects in another powerplant nearby.

The Enerpac SBL1100 is the company’s highest capacity boom style gantry. Equipped with three stage lifting cylinders, the SBL1100 lifts up to 12m at the top of the third stage and can handle up to 1178 tons at the top of the first stage.

As standard, the SBL1100 features an Intelli-Lift wireless control system allowing unobstructed views of the load. The wireless system ensures automatic synchronisation of lifting with accuracy of 24 mm and automatic synchronisation of travel with accuracy of 15 mm. The gantry control system allows users to operate the lift locally at each leg or use the Intelli-Lift remote control. For enhanced durability, the SBL1100 offers a sturdy, proven base frame that can withstand a variety of environmental conditions.

Source Enerpac


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