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13 Jul 2021

Enerpac Reveals New ML40 Mini Lift Gantry

Enerpac announces the new ML40 Mini Lift Gantry with 40t lifting capacity. Designed to be portable, simple to set up, and easy to use, it is the ideal solution for machinery movers, plant relocation services and medical equipment installers who need to move machines and equipment in compact spaces.

Each leg weighs 1350kg with oil

When moving machines or parts of machines either within the same building or to another building, space is always limited. The ML40 Mini Lift Gantry has a compact size ideal for moving equipment around old installations. Its short, collapsed height (1.97m) and narrow width (750mm) means the ML40 Mini Lift Gantry can get into spaces that other equipment cannot. The gantry can also rotate the load (up-end or down-turn) to move through the building.

When performing a new equipment installation or the removal and installation of equipment for maintenance or repair, industrial movers are often faced with minimal headroom and many obstacles. The ML40 Mini Lift Gantry makes it easy to offload the equipment from the delivery vehicle and re-position it for use in the facility. Additionally, it makes it easy to assemble the equipment in sections and then move it as a complete unit into final position. When replacing old equipment, disassembly in sections may be easiest method of removal. The small size of the ML40 Mini Lift Gantry makes it easier to mobilise and set up.

Installing medical equipment typically involves difficult access within the hospital. Medical equipment is often delicate and needs smooth, even lifting. Standard synchronised lifting on the ML40 prevents damage to equipment. The compact size of the ML40 Mini Lift Gantry is also a critical feature. It is easy to transport and fits into most freight elevators. Single phase voltage 115 or 230 VAC operation eliminates need for long, high voltage power connections or noisy generators.

When it comes to safety, the ML40 Mini Lift Gantry features standard synchronised lifting and control and load readout to ensure safe and level lifting. A wireless pendant keeps the operator away from equipment during operation. The ML40 is also versatile. Its high capacity and simple set up mean even jobs with challenging or uncertain information can be managed without issue. It is also easy to use. A simple set up means even relatively new rigging operators can operate the equipment.

ML40 Mini Lift Gantry has

  • 40t capacity (4 legs) in all three lifting stages.
  • 750mm wide,
  • 1.97m collapsed height
  • 5.5m extended height
  • Each leg weighs 1350kg with oil.

The ML40 uses an industry standard 610mm (24-inch) track gauge and can be operated without support track with considerations for load and ground conditions. It uses the same accessories as the Enerpac SL100 gantry such as track, header beam and side shifts. For ease of deployment, the ML40 Mini Gantry features freewheel operation for transportation and set up, and a roll cage for overhead lifting and/or towing and pushing for installation.


Enerpac ML40 Mini Lift Gantry hand held controller














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