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3 Dec 2020

Energy From Waste Units lifted by Ainscough for Cory Riverside Energy in London

Ainscough Crane Hire has successfully supported the leading mechanical contractor HZI‐PJD in the installation of twelve new superheater modules for Cory Riverside Energy at its Energy from Waste (EFW) facility, Riverside.

Located in Belvedere, in the East of London, Riverside is the largest EFW operating facility in the United Kingdom and uses unique river‐based infrastructure on the Thames to receive waste.

In 2019, it diverted 742kt of non‐recyclable waste from landfill, saving 148,000 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

Improvement works began in the centre in April. Procured via HZI‐PJD Ltd, the UK service arm of Hitachi Zosen Inova, Ainscough’s role entailed the replacement of the third and fourth passes of superheaters which convert saturated steam in superheated steam, to then be used in steam turbines for electricity generation.

Working for M&E contractor PJD Ltd ‐ the UK engineering arm of HZI‐PJD Ltd ‐ Ainscough Crane Hire visited the site over three separate weeks in June to early August of this year following a long planning process for the complex project. Working for 24 hours a day, the

The 12‐person team split into two groups of six to work for 12 hours each and ensure the completion of the consecutive lift programme was executed quickly and efficiently.

Across the three visits, three crane operators, a lift supervisor and two swinger/signallers worked to install four superheaters to each of the facility’s three process lines.

Using a Liebherr LTM1100‐5.1 crane, the team began each lift by removing the existing modules made ready by PJD and tailing them down to a lay‐down area, where an LTM1150‐6.1 crane could unload and reload the new modules. The LTM1100 rigging crane was then used to rig the LTM1750‐9.1 mobile crane, which could be used to lift the upgraded superheater modules through the roof and into the 50‐metre‐tall building.

At 42.1 tonnes, each module required an experienced hand to manoeuvre the 9‐metre‐long superheaters into place.

During the first and third process line, the team contended with a tight area of rigging, but it was the second line which proved most challenging. Due to a massive amount of underground servicing, including cable ducts and deep drainage interceptor tank, the LTM1750 was decidedly the only crane capable of completing the lift at such close proximity to the building.

Thanks to the collaboration with underground engineering company Ground Projects, Ainscough was able to find a suitable position to carry out the works safely and to schedule.

Patrick Denby, Contract Lift Manager at Ainscough Crane Hire’s Heavy Cranes Division, said: “We are incredibly pleased to have completed work on installing the new superheaters for HZI‐PJD Ltd on behalf of Cory Riverside Energy. This was a complex job which required extensive planning and it is thanks to our expert team and through collaboration with our project partners that it was carried out smoothly and without disruption.

“The Riverside facility is doing great work tackling the climate crisis and these superheaters will play a major role in reducing London’s residual waste. It was fantastic for us to work on an important green energy project.”

Source Ainscough


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