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16 Nov 2018

EnCORE Revitalizes 1994 Potain Crane for Stirnimann

Stirnimann, a Swiss Potain dealer, sent a 1994 GTMR 331 B crane for refurbishment as part of Manitowoc’s crane restoration program, EnCORE. Photographs – Manitowoc

Date 16 November 2018

In the past when Potain cranes reached the end of their operational life customers would sell them on or scrap them as part of trade-in deals. However, Manitowoc’s EnCORE program gives customers a third option, providing used cranes with a new lease of life and allowing owners to increase their overall return on investment.

One of the latest companies to take advantage of the program is Stirnimann, the Potain dealer for Switzerland. The company received an old GTMR 331 B self-erecting crane as a trade-in but instead of looking to move it on decided to add it to its own rental fleet. To get it fit for rental operation, Stirnimann opted to send the crane to the Manitowoc EnCORE facility in Charlieu, France. On arrival the crane was completely dismantled with each part inspected, refurbished or replaced as needed. All the structural elements were sandblasted, prepared and repainted, while a new cab and updated electrical wiring system were installed.

One of the most important aspects of the refurbishment was the addition of a new frequency-controlled 20TDLVF10 lifting mechanism, which replaced the original 15TDPC10-2B mechanism. This new lifting technology gives the crane better movement and control while simultaneously using less electricity,  an increasingly sought-after feature in the Swiss market.

Two of the many advantages of EnCORE’s refurbishment program include the 12-month warranty on the crane and its parts, plus the provision of proper technical documentation. Other refurbishment options are not able to offer the build quality, warranties or documentation that EnCORE provides. On top of that, EnCORE has some of the world’s most experienced Potain engineers dedicated to this work.

Bernard Ecabert, EnCORE program manager, said customers like the speed and service EnCORE delivers.

“We have all the parts in stock, which means there are never long delivery times. With the GTMR for Stirnimann we were able to handle the work within 5 weeks,” he said. “That’s faster than they could do the work themselves, as their own workshop was backed up with other projects.”

Manitowoc’s EnCORE program provided complete project support from the consultation and refurbishment through to transportation and after-sales care. Stirnimann have been delighted with the program, according to the company’s sales director for tower cranes Pascal Möckli.

“We are really satisfied with the rework Manitowoc did,” he said. “We are proud to be adding this crane to our rental fleet and think we could get another 15 years from the crane. We now have plans to refurbish five or six more GTMR 331Bs and 331Cs, so EnCORE looks like a strong option for us. We’ve also displayed this crane in our yard, so our sub-dealers can see the benefits of the EnCORE program when they visit.”

With three locations and more than a century of experience, Stirnimann is one of the leading names in the Swiss crane industry. In addition to its role as a Potain dealer, the company also represents Grove mobile cranes in the country.

One of the most important aspects of the refurbishment was the addition of a new frequency-controlled 20TDLVF10 lifting mechanism, which replaced the original 15TDPC10-2B mechanism

Source Manitowoc

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