Emirates engineers change A380 landing gear themselves – Heavy Lift News
1 Jun 2018

Emirates engineers change A380 landing gear themselves

1 June 2018

Emirates Engineering has successfully accomplished the first complete replacement of landing gear on A6-EDF, the first Emirates A380 aircraft to have its entire landing gear system replaced at one time. 

Comprising five sets of landing gear – two under the wings, two under the body, and one nose landing gear, the work was planned and executed in-house, at one of six heavy maintenance hangars Emirates Engineering operates in Dubai.

The process of changing all the landing gears was completed in 14 days with the Emirates Engineering team clocking thousands of man hours during this period. For the duration of the work, the entire aircraft was lifted on jacks to support the body of the aircraft.

Emirates Engineering also offers A380 and B777 MRO services to external parties. (ah) SOURCE: ITJ