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9 Mar 2022

Emil Egger AG takes Delivery of their New Tadano AC 7.450-1

For the team at Emil Egger AG, headquartered in the Swiss municipality of St. Gallen, the Tadano AC 7.450-1 came at just the right time: “And that’s because the new Tadano seven-axle crane closes a very specific gap that we’ve had in our fleet for a while,” Emil Egger AG Managing Director Michael Egger says while welcoming his company’s newest addition, which was handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Michael Zieger.

The thing that truly drove the Swiss company’s decision to get the new Tadano AC 7.450-1 was its 80-meter-long main boom combined with its enormous lifting capacity. The latter is also the result of the new SSL Sideways Superlift system, which represents a vital step forward: The Superlift arms are now mounted all the way in the front, on the head of the base section, meaning that they are ultimately longer and accordingly well-suited to larger lifting capacities – in certain boom positions, this enables the crane to even leave some eight-axle units behind. The team at Emil Egger AG also considers the one-of-a-kind Tadano Surround View camera system, which shows both the maximum possible extension lengths for the outriggers and the counterweight tailswing radius, to be an important advantage. In fact, Tadano Surround View makes it significantly easier to optimally position the crane at work sites. In addition, the system provides assistance on the road by making it easier for crane operators to notice pedestrians and cyclists when turning.

Another decisive factor in the company’s purchase decision was the compact carrier and the resulting excellent maneuverability in tight work site conditions. “As a result of these characteristics, we’ll be using the AC 7.450-1 primarily to erect construction cranes, as well as for concrete and modular construction work,” explains Michael Egger, who also points out that he is following the merger between Tadano and Demag with great interest and sees the OneTadano project as being on the right path: “We have several cranes from Lauf and Zweibrücken, including an AC 500-8 and an ATF 130. We are very excited about what we can expect from Tadano in the future.” For Emil Egger AG, the next purchase will be a Tadano AC 5.160-1 that the Swiss company has already ordered and that will be delivered in April 2022.

Source Tadano

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