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10 Jul 2024

ematec to present completely new blade turning unit at WindEnergy Hamburg

ematec AG, the Memmingerberg, Germany based supplier of lifting equipment for the wind power industry, will be presenting their completely new blade turning unit at the WindEnergy Hamburg event in September.

The new blade turning unit is said to revolutionize the service and maintenance sector.

“With our rotor blade traverses from the RBC and RBC-D series, we have revolutionized the single blade assembly of rotor blades. Now we are going one step further and presenting a model of a blade turning unit in Hamburg that makes it possible to pitch a rotor blade on the ground around its longitudinal axis. This allows the blades to be rotated smoothly and continuously for repairs – in a neutral state without tension,” says CTO Julian Eberhard, who is convinced of the new development’s success. “Our new blade turner is sure to make an outstanding impact on the market, as this innovation will save companies millions of euros in service costs. For the first time ever, most repairs can now be carried out directly at the wind turbine site – eliminating huge logistics efforts. The business partners and customers to whom we have already presented the idea are completely thrilled.”

All signs point to growth

The signs at ematec are all pointing to further expansion. This is also reflected in the latest investments. The company has expanded its premises by 5,000 m2, rebuilt two halls, invested in new production technology and transformed a whole range of processes.

“We had the opportunity to buy a neighboring property. We took advantage of this possibility and converted two halls there. These serve as assembly and storage areas. The expansion has given us more space overall, allowing us to separate the turning and milling departments in the machining area,” says Eberhard.

ematec has installed an additional CNC machining center in the milling shop and a high-end universal lathe in the turning shop. This enables the company to significantly expand its capacity in the production of hydraulic cylinders and other steel components, thereby speeding up the manufacturing process as a whole.

Optimized logistics

ematec has also invested in optimizing its logistics: The company has installed additional doors in the main production and service hall so that the individual workstations can be accessed directly from the outside via the hall doors. This makes handling easier and helps complete service and maintenance orders for rotor blade yokes more quickly. “This investment is also owed to our success. The demand for our RBC-D generation rotor blade yokes remains high. And the more yokes are in use, the more service and maintenance orders there are, of course,” says Eberhard.

The RBC and RBC-D rotor blade yokes developed by ematec are regarded as the most innovative lifting equipment for assembling rotor blades. Enercon alone, the largest German wind turbine manufacturer, has ordered 26 lifting beams from ematec in the past four years and has already put the majority of them into operation worldwide.

Over 60 employees

ematec has also grown considerably in terms of its workforce. The company now employs 60 people in Memmingerberg and has been growing for years with an annual increase in turnover, which recently exceeded 30 percent. Source: ematec / Ingo Jensen Top image: The innovative RBC-D yokes from ematec. Photo: ematec

Optimized logistics speed up production and service processes. Photo: ematec

With additional doors in the main hall, ematec can access the individual workstations directly from the outside via the hall doors. Photo: ematec


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