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5 Jun 2020

EGL Transport in Egypt

On the 28th May 2020, Egyptian Global Logistics (EGL), subsidiary of KADMAR GROUP completed transportation of two heavy lift vessels. The site was located about 900 km from the port. Our engineers suggested using the longest road to avoid old bridges on the costal road and to save time for civil work as the client insisted on the delivery of vessels before the 28th May. It was a quite challenging operation scheme that was performed and completed, despite the difficult conditions.

The cargo was received at the container terminal and unloaded with terminal gantry cranes. Challenges included those from the current circumstances with COVID-19 in force and a mandatory daily curfew from 17:00 till 06:00. (Transport was effected during El-Fitr feast.)

The dimensions of each vessel were:

  • Length 9.6 m
  • Bredth 5.5 m
  • Height 5.4 m
  • Weight 117 tons

Thanks to EGL Project Team for cooperation. EGL continues to impress the market with the well trained staff along with the latest fleet equipment and technology in Egypt.
EGL achieved this success through careful planning without sacrificing safety aspect in order to meet clients demand.


Source EGL

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