EGL Opens Logistics Park DEPOT Sokhna in Sokhna, Egypt - Video – Heavy Lift News
17 Oct 2022

EGL Opens Logistics Park DEPOT Sokhna in Sokhna, Egypt – Video

The Heavy Lift Group Member, EGL, a member of Kadmar Group, has announced the opening of DEPOT Sokhna, its new 100,000 m2 (about 1 million square feet) logistics park in Sokhna, Egypt.



Admiral El-Kady, the founder of the group, said: “Sokhna is a very important consolidation hub for ocean freight, especially for cargo from and to the Far East and the Gulf area. The state is investing in the expansion of its ports such as Alexandria, Damietta, Port Said, and Sokhna. Cairo’s New admin Capital is just 60 km from the Kadmar Sokhna location. Therefore, it was the right time to concentrate our investment in Sokhna”.



Kadmar plans to offer value-added logistics services to companies, particularly in the energy, healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing, consumer goods, and retail, as well as fashion industries. Kadmar aims to use many new technologies in Sokhna, including the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, and various automation systems.



It is now offering a range of fully standardized logistics services under the name DEPOT. Its solutions help to create the momentum that allows offering a wide range of services to our clients. Along with logistics, this also applies to the customer platform. All customers have access to real-time reports and can view their orders timely.



A Kadmar spokesperson said the new product line targets a market segment that has so far not quite matched traditional solutions operations, namely businesses for which customized logistics concepts are not suitable due to low order volumes or financial circumstances. However, the site of about 100,000 m2 with warehouses, E-commerce fulfillment centers, Sea / Air DC, container terminal, container repair station, heavy lift terminal, and a special vehicle logistics park will satisfy all the current and future demand in the area.



The new facility is a fully custom bonded area, connected to the highway between Cairo and Sokhna and located very close to the cargo railway station.



He added that the new facility will help to improve logistical solutions for clients in Egypt, resulting in better service with considerable cost savings.



The DEPOT is a green facility as it uses energy for lighting and operation from a solar station that is built on the roof of the warehouse and can provide considerable savings in CO2 consumption and will help in charging cars with electricity.



Source EGL/Kadnar Group and The Heavy Lift Group

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