EGL (Kadmar Group) Managing Logistics for New Egyptian Sugar Beet Factory – Heavy Lift News
27 Aug 2020

EGL (Kadmar Group) Managing Logistics for New Egyptian Sugar Beet Factory


On the 15th April 2020 Egyptian Global Logistics (EGL), subsidiary of KADMAR GROUP received the logistics order for the Canal Sugar project. The operation process is still going on and to date EGL has successfully completed the transportation of 5 heavy boilers.

A great engineering effort and study was necessary to define the best route with least civil work activities. Due to Corona Virus, there was no alternative port option other than the Port of Damietta. Therefore special arrangements were needed at the Damietta container terminal, Port authority, Customs, Road & Bridges authority, RBA consultant and Central escort in order to guarantee smooth operations during the port handling and the 900km over land transport to the final destination.  Arrangements for the first shipment needed to include a daily curfew from 17:00 till 06:00 as well as the spreading of the spread of COVID‐19.

EGL achieved this success through careful planning without sacrificing safety aspect in order to meet clients demand.

Canal Sugar, , owned by Dubai-based Al Khaleej Sugar Refinery, is an integrated Agro‐industrial project incorporating reclamation and cultivation of 181,000 acres of land, over 70,000 hectare, making it the largest agricultural project in Egypt since 1952, in addition to building and operating the world’s biggest sugar beet processing plant with an annual production capacity 900,000t of a premium white sugar.

The sugar processing plant is scheduled to start operating in the 1st quarter 2021 while the agricultural land is expected to be reclaimed by 2022.

Source EGL – Kadmar Group


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