EEW SPC Loads Last Monopiles for Calvados OWF – Heavy Lift News
31 Jul 2023

EEW SPC Loads Last Monopiles for Calvados OWF

Almost exactly 5 months after the first loadout, the last of 64 monopiles was loaded at EEW SPC’s dock in Rostock.

On 29 June, 2023, the last monopile for the Calvados project set off for Vlissingen in the Netherlands. All monopiles, weighing up to 1,000t, were loaded onto the “Dongbang Giant No.6” heavy lift transport vessel without incident using the RoRo method with EEW’s own SPMTs.

The Calvados offshore wind farm is the second offshore wind farm to be built in Normandy and one of the first four in France. With a total capacity of 450 MW, it will feed electricity into the French grid from 2025.


the roll out of a monopile on EEW’s own SPMTs



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