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6 Mar 2023

Eager.one’s Jacket Lifting Tool Plan Comes Together for SK Oceanplant

Over the past months the Eager.one team has been working on the design and construction of a Jacket Lifting Tool with a total capacity of SWL 2500 tons. This custom-made lifting tool will be used by South-Korean company SK Oceanplant (former Samkang M&T) for upcoming offshore wind projects in Asia.


During the engineering phase, the Jacket Lifting Tool has been designed in detail. This was followed by the construction phase, where the design was transformed into the final lifting tool. The construction phase was concluded with an extensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). This test was done in presence of the customer and a third-party surveyor.


The Eager.one team are proud to say that the FAT was completed successfully. The Jacket Lifting Tool has been certified in accordance with DNV-ST-0378.


All components, including the top rigging, have now been disassembled for transportation. Transport will take place on two 40ft standard containers and two 40ft flat racks.



When the components arrive on-site in South-Korea, the Jacket Lifting Tool will be reassembled, after which the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) will take place. Eager.one will be present on-site and take care of the supervision of the installation and testing activities.



As Eager.one says (and also possibly somebody else), “We like it when a plan comes together.”

Source Eager.One

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