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23 Feb 2023

E42 Motorway Viaduct Sections Replaced by Sarens in Belgium – Video

Sarens was asked by their trusted client, SM Besix Galère, to replace bridge beams as part of the renovation of the Huccorgne Viaduct in Wanze, Belgium.

The viaduct spans the valley of the La Mehaigne river for the E42/A15 motorway between the Belgian cities of Namur and Luik (Liège). It was built between 1968 and 1971, the structure consists of two parallel viaducts, one for each direction of traffic, with a total length of 547m and a height of 60m.

Work on the first phase    Courtesy of SOFICO


Sarens were involved with the renovation in the first phase of the project from January to July 2022 when the bridge section carrying the motorway to Luik was closed for traffic.

With constant traffic movement next to the site and congested space, the equipment Sarens deployed included:

  • CC2800
  • AC700
  • AC700
  • Auxillary cranes
  • AT6
  • LTM1300-6.2

Sarens’ team on the ground was involved in the removal and installation of the bridge beams for a total of nine spans consisting of four beams per span, each weighing 60t. To remove the old beams Sarens deployed a 27,5m spreader.

Their involvement with the renovation continued in January 2023. This final phase of the renovation will focus on the replacement of the traffic lanes in the other direction, towards Namur, with completion of the project expected by July 2023.


The viaduct before restoration (Photograph courtesy of Besix)


Sarens Project Manager, Bert Kustermans says, “The location and height of the bridge poses a challenge which has been tackled by careful planning and selection of the correct equipment, a job very well done by Sarens colleague Luc Vanderstraeten, an experienced CAD Designer.” He adds, “The team executed the lifts smoothly, ensuring that there was no room for error as we were lifting the heavy beams next to a highway with constant traffic.”


Photograph courtesy of SOFICO

Photograph courtesy of SOFICO


Sarens has vast experience in executing this type of job and they are happy to be involved in the completion of the Huccorgne Viaduct project.

With bridges across the world requiring replacement of sections or general restoration, Sarens is ready to support with a wide selection of cranes and specialist equipment, executing the lifts smoothly in over 75 countries across the world.

The public contract for the renovation of the structure was won by the temporary joint venture BESIX-GALERE, for an amount of more than € 23 million excluding VAT, financed by SOFICO as part of the “Plan Infrastructures et Mobilité pour Tous 2020-2026” .


courtesy of SOFICO


Featured Title photograph

Courtesy of SOFICO

Source Sarens and Besix and SOFICO

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