Dubai Training completed – Heavy Lift News
17 Mar 2018

Dubai Training completed

16 March 2018

The past fours days, Richard Krabbendam presented his well known extensive four day Seminar “Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping, Offhore & Wind Turbines”

A group of ten delegates from Azerbajan,  Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Australia, Egypt and India joined the Seminar.

Next month Richard will present his four day extensive Seminar in KL from 9-12 April and finally complete the Seminars in May in Aberdeen from 14-17 May 2018. These will be his last public Seminars, take this last oportunity to learn “How to Handle Heavy Lifts Safely”.

Since May 2008 he then presented  a total of 115 Seminars in 26 countries.

For more details on the coming Seminars, check HERE  and contact Alvin Yong to Register via e-mail:  

A Message, which I received from Travis Humphreys (above at right)

Hi Richard,

Thoroughly enjoyed the course and the opportunity to be taught by you and not whom ever you sell your business too. You have the most complete and combined experience of anyone I know or have heard of in this one industry. It was an honor and a privilege and only wished the course went longer.

I have learnt so much from you in a short period of time. I did forget to get you to sign my IMCA Crane Log book’s training section.

Do you have any kind of company stamp that if I got my logbook to you you would be able to endorse to verify completion of training other than the certificate I will receive?

Something like these pics.

Dear Travis,

I enjoyed having you in my Seminar and the cosy chats we had during breakfast in the Hotel. I am pleased to tell you that your score was “GOOD” with 27 correct answers out of 38 questions. Congratulations!!!

Your Certificate will be mailed via Alvin Yong of Olygen to you this coming week. I will certainly endorse and stamp your IMCA Crane Log Book, if I can, but I guess you then have to send it to me.

I wish you success in finding new work when your contract ends next month with Clough on the INPEX semisubmersible production unit.

Kind regards,

Richard L.Krabbendam
Heavy Lift Specialist
mob.+31 6 15040873

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