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18 Jun 2020

DSM Launches Trosar for Ropes, Slings and Soft Protection

While, in the past, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, UHMWPE, materials such as DSM’s Dyneema® were used for select, highly demanding applications, an increasingly wide range of manufacturers are now looking to leverage the unique chemical and mechanical properties of these materials for a broader range of applications. Trosar™ will address this market need and make the use of UHMWPE more accessible than ever.

The new material grade will be available in various performance grades as fiber and unidirectional laminate (UD). To deliver a reliable supply of good quality, Trosar™ will be manufactured to consistent quality standards by DSM in the Netherlands, North America, and China. Given its high tensile strength and excellent energy absorption properties, the new material is highly suitable for use in a range of high-performance applications such as ropes, nets, and slings, as well as soft and hard ballistic armoring.

In line with the growing demand for materials solutions that deliver higher strength and durability, Trosar™ will bring the unique benefits of UHMWPE within reach of more manufacturers, including those from the hard and soft ballistic UD, rope, netting, and aquaculture industries. The new material grade underlines DSM’s commitment to use science and innovation to deliver solutions that outperform conventional market alternatives.

Source DSM

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