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11 Aug 2023

deugro Delivers Drums From China to France

For the Golbey PM1 Project, deugro Germany, in close cooperation with deugro China, deugro Belgium and deugro France, successfully delivered two drum sections from China to France for the pulp and paper industry.


Installation of cable guiding system


deugro’s scope encompassed the transportation from the Port of Shanghai, China to the Port of Antwerp, Belgium, the inland waterway transport to the river Port of Frouard, France as well as the subsequent on-carriage by various trailer configurations to the job site in Golbey, France.


Arrival of the cargo in the Town of Lunéville, France


Maneuvering through a web of traffic circles, tight turns, and the narrow streets of Lunéville posed the greatest challenge in delivering this massive cargo. The cargo dimensions were:

  • Weight   195t  (maximum)
  • Length    32m
  • Width     5.6m
  • Height    5.7m

deugro’s teams were engaged by their client Voith Paper more than 2.5 years prior to the transport taking place to investigate the overall feasibility and determine the maximum cargo size able to be transported. Detailed planning and preparations were required to ensure the safe transport of the drums — especially on the complex on-carriage route from the closest river port to the plant. To determine the most suitable routing, several route surveys, including turning simulations and swept path analyses, were conducted by dteq Transport Engineering Solutions along with local partners on deugro’s behalf.


Navigating the 32 m drum section through the Town of Lunéville with centimeter accuracy


In line with the tight schedule and under the personal supervision of deugro Shanghai, the drums were loaded at the Port of Shanghai—on dship’s MV Annie—and shipped on a last-in/first-out basis to the Port of Antwerp. Here, the cargo was discharged to the quay, allowing the teams of deugro Antwerp to assemble and mount the cable guiding system onto the drums prior to loading the cargo onto the river vessel. After arrival and discharge at the river Port of Frouard, the drum sections were delivered by road to the job site in Golbey under coordination by deugro Paris.


Navigating the 32 m drum section through the Town of Lunéville with centimeter accuracy


“The most challenging part of the journey was the maneuvering through the many traffic circles and tight turns, as well as traversing the Town of Lunéville. To allow for the safe navigation through the extremely sharp turns in Lunéville, we arranged the transfer from conventional THP trailers to self-propelled modular trailers using a jacking/stooling operation. After crossing the most critical turns in the city, the cargo was transferred back onto the THP trailers for the remaining on-carriage,” said Ambra Gotsch, Project Coordinator, deugro Germany.


Navigating the 32 m drum section through the Town of Lunéville with centimeter accuracy


“Another operational challenge was the passing of a railway bridge near the Village of Méhoncourt. Six additional axle lines had to be mounted to the modular trailer to stay within the allowable bridge capacity determined by the road authorities, then dismantled after passing the bridge,” added Ulf Langner, Project Manager Operations, deugro Germany.


Cargo safely delivered to the job site in Golbey, France

Featured Title photograph

Discharge operations at the Port of Antwerp, Belgium




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