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5 Jul 2024

DEME Welcomes Their Multi-Purpose Pontoon ‘Maya’ at Official Naming Ceremony

DEME has marked a significant milestone at the Fehmarnbelt tunnel project with the official naming ceremony of their multi-purpose pontoon, ‘Maya’.



Designed for the construction of the world’s longest immersed tunnel between Denmark and Germany, ‘Maya’ will play a crucial role in laying a uniform gravel and stone foundation on the seabed before the immersion of the 89 tunnel elements. This high-tech operation involves precise work up to 40m below sea level, ensuring the stone and gravel bed is positioned with centimetre-level accuracy along the 18km stretch.


‘Maya’ is equipped with a unique subsea gravel installation frame, known as the Submerged Dumping Tool, which operates like a 3D printer under water, meticulously putting gravel layers inside the tunnel trench.


DEME was honoured to have Vibeke Grave, Second Deputy Mayor of Lolland Municipality, as the godmother of ‘Maya’.



Some facts about ‘Maya’:

  • Dimensions: 130m long, 48m wide
  • Load capacity: 14,000t of gravel and stone
  • Construction: 1,500 people involved in the design and construction


Luc Vandenbulcke CEO van DEME.


The ceremony wasn’t just about naming ‘Maya’, it was also a celebration of the remarkable teamwork and dedication that brought this innovative vessel to life!


Cakes and Biscuits decorated with the FLC – Femern Link Contractors logo





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