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3 Apr 2018

Demags for Kuwait

(L-R) Subbarao I V of JTC, Deepak Jain of Terex/Demag, Adel Kohari of JTC, Steve Filipov, Carsten von der Geest and Thomas Schramm of Terex/Demag

3. April 2018

Kuwait rental company Jassim Transport & Stevedoring (JTC) has ordered six Demag All Terrain cranes, a 100 tonne AC 100-4, three 130 tonne AC 130-5s and two 160 tonne AC 160-5s.

The four axle AC 100-4 features a five section 50 metre main boom plus an eight to 19 metre bi-fold swingaway extension. The five axle AC 130-5 has a 60 metre main boom plus extensions which take the maximum tip height to 86.5 metres. The five axle AC 160-5 features a 68 metre main boom plus a 21 metre bi-fold swingaway extension.

The new units, along with the six other Demag All Terrain cranes that JTC purchased within the last two years, expand the company’s Terex and Demag crane fleet to more than 50 units. They are scheduled for delivery later this year.

Chief executive Adel Kohari said: “Our business continues to expand across Kuwait and Qatar. And, given the success we’ve experienced with the Demag cranes we recently purchased, we decided to add several more mobile cranes. We believe this strategy will make our crews more productive because all of the various models share common features and operate in similar ways. The whole Demag All Terrain crane line is well designed and built from small to large.”

Established in 1979, Jassim Transport & Stevedoring is based in Kuwait City, with subsidiary operations in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. SOURCE:

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