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29 Oct 2020

Demag Delivers to Dufour

Belgian crane service provider Dufour has expanded its “Demag-dominated” 5-axle fleet with additional cranes from Zweibrücken: Around three quarters of the cranes in the fleet already bear the Demag logo, and they have now been joined by three brand new AC 250-5 units. “Above all, we value the high quality and reliability of the 5-axle machines from Zweibrücken,” says administrator Olivier Dufour while explaining his company’s predilection for the manufacturer.

Like all other Demag 5-axle cranes, the AC 250-5, which is the biggest one in the series, is also the most compact in its capacity class. With a total length of 14.49 meters, 5-axle steering, independent rear axle steering, and dynamic launch control, it is tremendously maneuverable, making it perfect for work at tight work sites. And there are also other important advantages from Dufour’s perspective: Many of the Demag 5-axle crane’s components are interchangeable – from hoist 2, through the main boom extensions and runner, all the way to the swing-away rooster sheaves and heavy-lift attachment. “This makes work easier for our service technicians and also lowers our inventory costs,” explains Olivier Dufour, whose company will be using the new cranes for the “Grand Paris” projects in the Île-de-France region. Other planned jobs include assisting the Dufour Demag AC 500-8, AC 700-9, and CC 3800-1 large cranes with other construction and infrastructure projects, as well as with erecting wind turbines.

Source Demag

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