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3 Nov 2020

Demag Delivers Three AC 45 City Cranes to Maxicraft Group

The Maxikraft Group was able to take delivery of three brand new AC 45 City cranes all at once in mid-September at the Demag Zweibrücken plant: Two of the cranes are for Munich-based Treffler Autokrane, while the third is intended for Maximum GmbH in Erfurt. The cranes were handed over to Treffler Branch Manager Matthias Bulisch by Tadano Sales Managers Hans Asam and Uwe Degenhardt.

“We’re using the two new AC 45 City cranes to replace two units of the previous model, the AC 40 City, in our fleet. We got consistently great results with the two AC 40 City units, so deciding on the AC 45 City upgrade was very easy – especially given the fact that these new cranes also feature various invaluable enhancements,” Bulisch explains. Among them, he highlights the Flex Base, an outrigger system with outriggers that can be extended to any point within their available range: “This system really makes it possible to get the most out of a crane. Especially since extending the outriggers as far as possible in order to get the largest possible lifting capacities is essential when it comes to work sites where space is at a premium,” he points out. He then goes on to mention other crucial advantages, such as the extraordinary versatility of the AC 45 City as a cost-effective mobile crane and the improved telescoping ability under load, which is particularly invaluable for overhead crane installation projects. “To tell you the truth, we think that with our two new AC 45 City cranes, we’re perfectly positioned to boost the Maxikraft Group’s market presence in Southern Germany,” Matthias Bulisch explains.

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From left to right: Alexander Lahr (Crane driver, Treffler) – Stefan Brummer (Crane driver, Treffler) – Matthias Bulisch (Branch Manager, Treffler) – Hans Asam (Sales Manager, Tadano).

Source Demag

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