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10 Sep 2020

Demag CC 6800 Opens New Opportunities for Superior Cranes Inc – Video

Joe Everett, president of Superior Cranes, Inc., Rockingham, N.C., has gained a reputation as an innovator.  “We have completed many jobs that other lifting companies wouldn’t consider due to the creative way Joe looks at a project,” says Brian Schleicher, director of marketing & communications for Superior Cranes.

Everett is also known for investing in the company and growing the fleet, so Superior Cranes can tackle the difficult projects. The company does not like missing out on a project opportunity because the right crane type with the capacity to complete the lift is not in the fleet. Until recently, however, this was exactly what was occurring because the largest crawler crane in the company’s fleet was a Demag CC 3800-1, offering a 715-USt (650-t) capacity.

“Even though we have the 1,320-USt (1,200 t) capacity class Demag AC 1000-9 all terrain crane, there were three jobs in 2018 that we couldn’t bid because it wasn’t possible to use an all terrain crane,” recalls Everett. “We needed a crawler crane with about the same capacity, so we didn’t miss out on other opportunities.”

So Superior Cranes invested in the Demag CC 6800-1 crane, which offers a 1,375-USt (1,250-t) lifting capacity. The timing of the purchase was critical, as a challenging petrochemical job in Virginia came up for bid, one that would require the capacity that only the CC 6800-1 could offer. “Prior to purchasing the 1,375-USt (1,250-t) crane, we could not have completed the lift. For that matter, few lifting companies east of the Mississippi River could,” comments Everett.

This was the first project Superior Cranes’ crew would complete with the new CC 6800-1 crawler crane. Everett couldn’t have picked a more challenging application for the first job with the crane. Demag engineers assisted the company to devise a lift plan for a site with limited access and crane mobility after the load was lifted.

Superior Cranes’ months of meticulous planning paid off. The difficult lifts were safely made in less time than planned. “The CC 6800-1 is a great piece of equipment,” says Everett, adding, “We’re looking forward to the next one.”


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