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6 May 2021

Demag AC60-3 selected by Weiland Kran und Transport GmbH

The people at Weiland see the merger between Tadano and Demag as an extremely positive development: “The idea of combining the best of both worlds is obviously yielding fruit, and that’s part of why we decided to buy the Demag® AC 60-3,” explains Sebastian Degenhardt, the son of Weiland Managing Director Volker Degenhardt and future head of the company. The two made absolutely sure to travel the 121km to Zweibrücken from their base in Lampertheim to pick up their new Demag AC 60-3 in person. The crane was handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Frank Brachtendorf and CEO Jens Ennen, who was happy to take the time to have a more extensive conversation.


From left to right: Waldemar Gellert (Crane driver, Weiland) – Sebastian Degenhardt and Volker Degenhardt (Managing Director, Weiland) – Jens Ennen (CEO, Tadano Demag GmbH); Frank Brachtendorf (Sales Manager, Tadano) and Thomas Eisenberg (Crane driver, Weiland)


A number of factors were crucial to Weiland’s decision to purchase the Demag AC 60-3, including the Flex Base outrigger system, which makes it possible to extend the crane’s outriggers to any point within their range and all the way to obstacles even in asymmetrical configurations. “This system is perfectly engineered and makes it possible to always use the maximum available lifting capacity even when space is tight,” says Sebastian Degenhardt, thrilled with the crane’s engineering. This comes from the fact that he knows from experience that his crane operators keep running into unexpected surprises at work sites: “The space conditions are often tighter than reported, and sometimes we’re told we need to position the crane somewhere else than originally planned. Flex Base enables the AC 60-3 to adapt to these surprises with enormous flexibility.”

What he really likes about IC‑1 Plus, the control system on which Flex Base builds as well, is that it is intuitive and easy to use even for operators who have never worked with it before. The system highlights for him are the capacity radar that pre-determines the real-time working range within an angle of +/-30° and shows it on the monitor, and the automatic counterweight detection: He mentions that both solutions are a great help for crane operators and also provide a high level of safety, making the AC 60-3 a good investment.

In addition to inspecting their new crane, Volker and Sebastian Degenhardt took the opportunity to discuss things with Tadano management on site. “The thing we really like above all about our relationship with the sister plant in Lauf is the reliable service and excellent product quality. We think that both brands have benefitted equally in these areas as a result of the merger. It’s very obvious that there’s a focus on details both in regard to production and to everything else,” Volker Degenhardt pointed out during his conversation with Jens Ennen. One thing he sees as particularly positive is that the team in Zweibrücken takes both criticism and suggestions for improvement seriously and always listens to customers as equals. Jens Ennen goes on to confirm this impression: “This type of customer feedback is exactly what we want and need. We need our customers to tell us what works great and what doesn’t work so great in their day-to-day work. So we obviously are always looking forward to getting constructive feedback.”

Sales Manager Frank Brachtendorf also had reason to be happy: “Handing over the new AC 60-3 to Weiland is a really great thing. Needless to say, I wish them nothing but success with their new Demag,” he said while congratulating the customer on his new acquisition.

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