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29 Apr 2021

Demag AC500-8 Selected by Autovictor in Italy

At least since 2017, the people at Italian crane service provider Autovictor have known that Demag cranes are characterized by unbeatable long-term quality: That year, the company acquired a used Demag® TC 2800-1 lattice boom truck crane that continues to do its job with enormous reliability to this day. “This endurance has made such a compelling impression on us that we just had to expand our fleet with a Demag AC 500-8,” report the company’s owners Angelo and Alessandro Gino. Based on the good experiences with the TC 2800-1, the company once again decided to get a used model. In addition to Demag’s well-known quality, the technical specifications for the AC 500-8 also played an important role in Autovictor’s decision to acquire the Demag eight-axle unit – after all, it is the most compact crane in the 500-tonne class with its carrier length of only 17.1 meters, and together with the Sideways Superlift system and the star-type outriggers that come as standard, it offers an enormous lifting capacity in all lifting configurations.

With the help of the Tadano Demag branch in Italy, the company was able to quickly find a used model for sale in Germany. “The Italian Tadano Demag team acted very swiftly when it came to helping us get the ideal crane for our needs,” Angelo Gino explains.

After the Demag AC 500-8 arrived at Autovictor’s premises in San Pietro Mosezzo, the crane was subjected to a thorough overhaul – and the results are clear as day: “Our people really did an outstanding job: The AC 500-8 is now as good as new,” Angelo says with nothing but praise for his team. And the unit debuted at a work site as though it had never been used before: Its power and performance continue to remain at the same high level they had the first time the crane was delivered!

From left to right: Alessandro Gino (Son – Owner); Bruno Angaroni (Sales Area Manager, Tadano); Angelo Gino (Father – Owner).

Source Demag


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