Demag AC45 City Goes to Schuch Krandienst, Zweibrücken. – Heavy Lift News
15 Aug 2019

Demag AC45 City Goes to Schuch Krandienst, Zweibrücken.

As far as Schuch crane operator Dieter Hirsch is concerned, there was only one possible contender when it came to replacing his Demag® AC 40 City: The new Demag AC 45 City, which the diehard Demag fan picked up in person in Zweibrücken. The new machine was handed over by Demag Sales Manager Michael Zieger.

“I operated the Demag AC 40 City for several years, so I’m perfectly familiar with the quality that characterized every single aspect of it. I also know that the new AC 45 City is even better at a bunch of things,” Dieter Hirsch says when explaining why Demag City cranes are his favorites. He considers the main advantages behind his new machine to be the heavy-lift runner that can be used to expand the unit’s reach and the crane’s extraordinary ability to travel and extend its telescopic boom while under load. In addition to this, he considers the crane’s compact design and innovative IC-1 Plus control system to be important highlights, with the latter making it possible to always take advantage of the maximum available lifting capacity when using asymmetrical outrigger configurations, among other things. This makes the Demag AC 45 City particularly versatile – which is good, because it needs to be: After all, Schuch is planning to use the crane to handle machinery and prefabricated homes, as well as to assemble high-pressure press systems and indoor crane runways and tackle an extremely wide variety of projects and lifts in tight spaces.

Source Demag / Tadano Group

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