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13 May 2021

Demag® AC 160-5 Delivered to Nordic Crane Midt-Norge AS

The Demag® AC 160-5 is no stranger to the fleet operated by the Crane Norway Group, which includes crane service provider Nordic Crane Midt-Norge AS: “We already have several cranes of this model in our fleet. In terms of performance and reliability, they leave nothing to be desired. That’s why we decided to get a Demag AC 160-5 once more,” explains Crane Norway Group General Manager Trond Helge Skretting.

For a long time now, Tadano and Demag cranes with an extremely wide range of lifting capacities have been a mainstay of the Crane Norway Group fleet – not just due to their powerful performance characteristics, but also due to the extraordinary service provided by the companies, as Trond Helge Skretting points out.

The thing he finds particularly compelling about the AC 160-5 is its compact design: With a width of only 2.75 meters and a total length of about 14.50 meters, it takes less space than any other crane in its class. In combination with its five-axle steering, independent rear axle steering, and dynamic launch control, this enables the crane to be exceptionally maneuverable even when space is extremely tight. Trond Helge Skretting goes on to mention the unrivaled boom length of 69 meters and the innovative IC‑1 Plus crane control system as additional advantages.

Nordic Crane Midt-Norge will be using its new crane primarily to take care of work for customers in the oil and gas industry, as well as transportation and construction projects. However, the AC 160-5’s first assignment will be at a wind farm, as it is the perfect machine for that kind of application as well.

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From left to right: Magnus Gulstad (Manager – Nordic Crane Midt-Norge) and Leif Arne Spidsberd (Crane coordinator – Nordic Crane Midt-Norge)

Source Demag / Tadano Group

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