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20 Oct 2022

Delivery of New Liebherr Cranes for King Lifting Started

In February UK rental company King Lifting placed an order for 19 new Liebherr cranes – including three 700t LTM 1650-8.1 – as it celebrates 40 years in business.

The Bristol based crane rental company has already taken delivery of one of the 700t LTM1650-8.1 crane.

The LTM 1650-8.1s fit nicely between the company’s 500t and 750t Liebherr LTM’s. It has an 80m boom which can be topped with a 21m to 91m luffing jib and Y-guy system for a maximum tip height of 155m and a maximum radius of 112m. Power comes from a Stage V diesel with EcoDrive and EcoMode systems to help reduce fuel consumption, noise and emissions. Other features include Liebherr’s VarioBase outrigger set up system and VarioBallast adjustable counterweight.

The order also included a 350t six axle LTM1350-6.1, two six axle 300t LTM1300-6.3, a 230t, five axle LTM1230-5.1, three 150t five axle LTM1150-5.3, three four axle 90t LTM1090-4.2 and six three axle 60t LTM1060-3.1. Deliveries began in March and are scheduled to continue until 2024

The 6 axle single engine LTM1300-6.3 have 90m main booms and include the updated VarioBase Plus outrigger set-up system. Maximum counterweight is 88t and the crane can operate with 8t less ballast than the 300t LTM1300-6.2 version without affecting capacities.

The 150t LTM 1150-5.1 have 66m booms and bi-fold swingaway extensions that can be extended with a 7m insert to provide a maximum tip height of almost 95m and a maximum radius of 72m. They are also equipped with Liebherr’s engine shutdown system for work in oil, gas and petrochemical applications.

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