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21 Jul 2020

Deep South’s Transport with Challenging Tight Limits – Video

For a petrochemical refinery in the Southeast, Deep South moved two 491,000-pound ( 222.7t ) coke drums measuring 99’ ( 30m ) long and 24’2” ( 7.37m ) diameter from Spain to the client’s site in Louisiana. Along the way, Deep South solved many complex challenges, including coordinating international shipping, trans-loading the drums to a deck barge at the port, barging them to the client’s site, constructing a custom earthen ramp, and executing the roll-off operation.

Once inside the plant, the job became even more complicated as we had to navigate a critical main-line rail crossing in 9 hours while putting no weight on the tracks – and also while bridging a tunnel and encountering numerous limiting height and width requirements, some with only 2” ( 5cm )of clearance. Equipment used included 12-axle lines of double-wide Scheuerle SPMT, 10-axle lines of Scheuerle Split SPMT, barge ramps, 80’ ( 24.38m ) jumper bridges, jack and slide equipment, and jacking cans.

For the second phase of this project, Deep South removed and replaced a derrick structure and two coke drums using the 2,500-ton VersaCrane TC-36000 with the 660-ton Terex-Demag CC-2800-1 serving as the tail crane. The 295,000-pound derrick structure was lifted at a 335’ radius. To lift the old 372,500-pound coke drums, Deep South engineered and fabricated custom rigging to lift from the bottom nozzle in the vertical position. The new coke drums were lifted and tailed over the live pipe racks with a lift weight of 585,000 pounds at a 390’ radius.


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