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5 Aug 2022

Deep South Transporting, Placing, and Lifting in a Refinery

Transporting, placing, and lifting a refinery column — one that is comparable to the height and weight of the Statue of Liberty — is a familiar challenge for heavy lift, heavy haul experts like Deep South. Maneuvering it around existing racks and systems adds another layer of complexity.



In one particularly challenging case, Deep South faced all of the above for a 555,000-pound (252t) and almost 147-foot-long (450m) refinery column. The 23’ 10” (7,25m) diameter column had to be transported via barge to the refinery’s roll-off site and into the refinery to the lift location. The team used a Scheuerle 16-line double-wide to complete the transport safely.

Once in position at the plant, crews maneuvered the cranes to work within the tight space and around the existing systems.



Steven Gouner, project engineer with Deep South, said, “The setup location for the VersaCrane CC-9600 was tight since it was built in a unit being constructed that was completely surrounded by existing 40’ (12.2m) tall pipe racks. Real estate in the unit was scarce.”



The first move required cranes to lift the column horizontally over the pipe racks. Once over the pipe rack, the column was tailed up to a vertical position. Key in the move was to ensure that the counterweight trays on the main lift crane and tailing crane floated through the entire lift.

Deep South’s crew relied on a main lift crane and tailing crane combination. They used a 750-ton VersaCrane CC-9600 in configuration 6 with a 200’ (61m) boom as the main lift crane with a 406,000-pound (184,16t) main counterweight and a 740,000-pound (336t) hinge counterweight. As well, a 440-ton Terex-Demag CC-2400-1 in SSL configuration was used as a tailing crane with a 177.2’ (54m) boom and a 264,600-pound (119,1t) auxiliary counterweight.



Deep South placed the refinery column exactly to the client’s specifications with safety and efficiency.

Source Deep South

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