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25 Oct 2022

Decommissioned Drilling Tower Recommissioned by DecomMissionBlue Members

KOOLE Contractors and Mammoet, both members of AYOP and DecomMissionBlue, have recently been working on a cantilever drilling tower at KOOLE’s decom yard in Amsterdam. The tower had previously been transported from Paragon in West Africa to Decom Amsterdam where, upon arrival in April, it was carefully unloaded and secured.  The enormous structure was then prepared for a new transportation by ship after being sold to a client in the Middle East.



The drilling tower was lifted at the yard by Mammoet’s SPMTs and turned 180 degrees to ensure it would fit onboard. Once the vessel was in position, the SMTPs guided the drilling tower onto the ship. RollDock then secured everything and made it sea-proof for transportation. The fully loaded vessel finally departed from Amsterdam for the Middle East on 22 October and the total journey via the Cape of Good Hope will take some 35 to 40 days.



The four participating Dutch companies, MARNEX, RollDock, Mammoet and KOOLE Contractors, were able to successfully realise this mammoth task thanks to excellent cooperation and each party’s unique expertise. The joint goal was to reuse rather than dismantle the tower, which saved a great deal of energy. “I am proud that we were able to achieve this goal thanks to a professional, highly skilled and close collaboration,” comments Jurgen Treffers, CFO at KOOLE Contractors. “In addition to a satisfied client, this project offered a more sustainable solution.”


Source DecomMissionBlue

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