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13 Sep 2018

Deck Cargo Concept in Reality

 completed a straddle carrier shipment with measurements up to 11.03 x 4.90 x 11 meters ex Poland to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Photograph Cenceptum

Date 13 September 2018

The straddle carriers were shipped in unpacked condition, except for the spreaders, which were wrapped in tarpaulin. After the partly chartered multi-purpose vessel arrived, the oversized cargo was lifted on board by a mobile shore crane.

It was safely stowed on hatch covers and adequately secured with steel stoppers and lashing chains. The spreader beams were lowered down and secured with ratchet tightened belts and lashing chains. The complete loading operation was executed within one day and was supervised of Conceptum Finland’s long-time crane specialist.

All sea fastening was performed to the satisfaction of the attending surveyor and ship’s captain, found to be sufficient for the planned carriage and complied with safety requirements up to IMO’s “Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing”. The vessel could set sail for its final destination in U.A.E. and all cargo arrived safely.

Source Conceptum Logistics

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