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3 Sep 2020

Debut Transport through Europe for Van Grinsven’s New 3-axle MegaMAX lowbed Trailer

It was a successful debut that took the Dutch crane hire and transport company Van Grinsven’s orange-coloured vehicle combination from Croatia via Slovenia, Austria and Germany to the Netherlands. The Distance from Zagreb to the Dutch town of Schaijk is about 1,250 kilometres and the expectations for the new Faymonville 3-axle MegaMAX lowbed trailer were all fulfilled.

Marco Van Grinsven, company director, reported “The new extra-low vessel-deck with removable loading floor gives us many options. The radio remote control makes a big difference. It’s no longer necessary to step out of the cab in order to operate the goose neck, suspension and steering if need be. All that takes place at a distance – and that increases safety.”

With a loading length of 12.5 m, the white-wrapped freight only partly exhausted the potential of the lowbed. In combination with the additional elongation beams, the fully extended loading platform can carry goods up to 21.4 m in length. New areas of use open up for Marco Van Grinsven: “Thanks to its versatile features, the Faymonville lowbed has proven to be a genuine enhancement for our vehicle fleet.”

Firmly lashed, the steel housing made its way through Europe on the MegaMAX. Safety aspects play an important role in vehicle construction. “Numerous lashing points on the sturdy loading platform keep the load in position,” says Marco Van Grinsven. The lowbed with a basic width of 2,750 mm ideally matches the requirement profile of his company, whose core activity, apart from national and international special and heavy-duty transport, is crane rental. With Faymonville, not only the vehicle quality convinces the Dutch company, because Marco Van Grinsven is also taken with the “determined sales advice and after-sales service.”

Van Grinsven B.V. knows and values what Faymonville has to offer. Another 3-axle lowbed of the MegaMAX series will follow shortly, this time with a basic width of 2,540 mm. And for the toughest transport tasks, the experts have already been relying on their modular CombiMAX kit for several years. In this segment, they just recently added another 5+7 combination to their fleet.

Source Faymonville

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