Debut for Demag AC 130-5 in Japan – Heavy Lift News
24 Jan 2019

Debut for Demag AC 130-5 in Japan

The first two Demag AC 130-5 cranes ever in Japan were delivered to Kawasaki, Japan-based crane service provider Kurokawa Heavy Equipment Co. in December 2018.

The cranes use the model designation AC 150-5J, which is used exclusively in the aforementioned country. “We’re very happy to be the first company in Japan to have two of these powerful Demag cranes in its fleet,” reports Kurokawa President Mr. Nagashi Kurokawa.

In addition to the high quality of Demag cranes, the compact design behind this specific crane model proved to be a crucial factor in the company’s purchase decision. After all, the Demag AC 150-5J is the biggest crane that can travel the public road in Japan while still having its main boom in place. This was especially important for Kurokawa, since the company will be using its new cranes for all kinds of construction projects, meaning that traveling on public roads on a regular basis will be unavoidable. This, combined with the fact that the main boom does not need to be removed before starting a trip and then reinstalled at the work site, means that the two Demag AC 150-5J units will be particularly cost-effective for Kurokawa.

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