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6 Sep 2018

Danish Vessel Svartlöga Salvaged

The Svartlöga safely lifted by the Dutch shearlegs cranvessel Cormorant from Multraship. Photograph – Netherlands Coastguard

Date 6 September 2018

On 25 August during a voyage from Den Helder, North Holland, to Zeebrugge, Belgium, the Danish motor sailor Svartlöga was hit by a sudden blast of wind and sank off the coast of Zandvoort.

Svartlöga had sailed from Aarhus 14 days earlier on a voyage of adventure with ports in the Caribbean, Canada and Greenland on the planned 15 months voyage.

The eleven crew members escaped injury and were brought to safety in a lifeboat of the Royal Dutch Life Boat Society, KNRM. 

Multraship used their Multrasalvor 3 working vessel and the shearlegs crane Cormorant in the salvage operation.

All photographs courtesy of Kustwacht Nederland (Netherlands Coastguard)

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