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7 Feb 2023

Damen’s FLOW-SV vessel concept for Floating OWFs

Anticipating upcoming large-scale floating windfarm installation, Damen has developed the FLOW-SV vessel concept that can accelerate the development of this new maritime segment. The Damen FLOW-SV is specially designed to install ground tackles for offshore turbine floaters.



The vessel can load the immense lengths of chain needed to install and secure 9 anchors or suction piles. Instead of mooring 1 floating windmill in a mission, three can be secured. It also applies sufficient proof loading on the anchors to make the installation more efficient.

“With the FLOW-SV, we have developed a vessel which covers the entire process of attaching mooring lines. This vessel, combining the supply, installation, securing and inspection of the ground tackles for floating turbines in one vessel, introduces a big step forward towards large scale installation of floating windfarms. The concept reflects our expertise in operational demands and efficiency,” says Wijtze van der Leij – Sales Manager. “At the moment, we are still in the concept phase. But we are now entering a stage where we would like to partner up to refine and customise this concept. Together with a launching customer, we aspire to accelerate the floating offshore windfarm installation industry.”



Measuring approximately 150 metres in length and a 32-metre beam, the FLOW-SV is a big ship. The size and weight of anchors and chains needed for installing offshore floating wind turbines are so big that a larger vessel is needed than any anchor handling vessel before. As the FLOW-SV will be able to take all the materials and equipment needed to install 3 floaters, the vessel saves time on transits and loading. Secured at all three corners, a floater needs three ground tackles.

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