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18 Mar 2020

Damaged Oil Rig Dismantled by Sarens

Sarens crew and equipment recently helped the Iraqi Drilling Co. (IDC) and British Petroleum dismantle a damaged rig at the Rumaila Oil Field in Basra, Iraq. The oil rig, which stood at a height of 62 metres, had to be stabilised before it could safely be lifted and dismantled.

To execute this delicate operation, Sarens deployed a combination of cranes, SPMTs, and trailers, including:

  • LR 1600-2
  • LTM 1400/7.1
  • LTM 1060/2
  • 24 axle lines SPMT
  • Lodico Trailer
  • Gooseneck Trailer

It took three days to mobilise the equipment from the Sarens yard and deliver it to the Rumaila Oil Field. The equipment travelled via three lowbed and eleven flatbed trailers, and required three more days for assembly. The main challenge was rigging the top section of the crane at a 62-metre height using a man basket. With the equipment in place, the crew then began the operation, which lasted from December 15, 2019 through January 10, 2020.

Due to the damage to Rig IDC 59, the structure had an offset angle that made the entire rig unsafe. The crew first had to stabilise it using SPMTs, ensuring the whole structure was supported as they carried out the lifting operation and dismantled it in a controlled manner, section by section.

The operation depended on a 600T crawler crane in SL configuration and 84m main boom, a 400T crane with main boom and 17m extension, a 60T crane with main boom, and 24-axle lines SPMT. The SPMTs supported the damaged rig as well as the crawler crane as it lifted the heavy 28-tonne section at the top of the 62-metre tall rig. The 17-member crew worked together to lift from one position and then slew with the load.

With the oil rig safely dismantled, the operation was complete. The client was more than satisfied with the excellence demonstrated by the Sarens crew, as well as their unwavering commitment to the highest safety standards. Sarens congratulates everyone involved in this important operation.

Source Sarens

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