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13 Jun 2022

Czech Inland Waterway Shipping Company Celebrates Centenary

The inland waterway shipping company, CSPL, was founded in the Czech town of Děčín 100 years ago. It represents the entire shipping world in the Czech Republic as no other firm can. The company has been investing in its shipping fleet since it was taken over by the Rhenus Group in 2018 and is therefore in a good position to face future challenges.



Rhenus PartnerShip-CSPL, which has its headquarters in Děčín, transports bulk and heavy goods, general cargo as well as investment and construction parts. The inland waterway company plies the waterways of Central Europe with its fleet, but it mainly focuses on the German canal network and the river Elbe. Rhenus PartnerShip completed its portfolio of inland waterway shipping activities by taking over the Czech company. Rhenus PartnerShip-CSPL transported 315,753t of goods in all last year.



CSPL was founded as a private/public company by Czech banks and the state on 13 June 1922. While CSPL now specialises in inland waterway transport services, it previously handled all the activities related to freight forwarding and transporting goods. The company switched its fleet from steam-powered tugs to motor vessels during the 1950s. Push boats enhanced the portfolio in the 1970s. CSPL owned shipyards and ports along the river Elbe as far as Hamburg during that decade. A privatisation phase followed after 1989. The international freight forwarding company, Argo, established the new firm, CSPL A.S., from one part of the original company in 2002. The Rhenus Group took over the inland waterway shipping firm in 2018. It has operating under the Rhenus PartnerShip-CSPL name since that time. “The takeover by Rhenus marked the starting point for a new chapter in CSPL’s history. We’ve invested a great deal in our shipping fleet and have optimised our processes,” says Pavel Hamalčik, the Sales Manager at the Děčín business centre, explaining developments. Increased potential for services and new flows of goods represent an opportunity for the Czech company to transport even more tonnage. Rhenus PartnerShip-CSPL is planning to expand its fleet to become a sustainable inland waterway shipping company in the near future.



Děčín is holding a town festival on 18 June 2022 to mark the centenary of inland waterway shipping in the Czech Republic and Rhenus PartnerShip-CSPL will attend the event with its own stand.



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