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11 Jul 2019

CT Kranservice select Demag AC 220-5

For the two crane operators Sergej Becker and Josef Siler from CT Kranservice in Göppingen, Germany, one thing is clear: The Demag® AC 220-5 all terrain crane is an ideal tool for the assembly of tower cranes. In their opinion, this is by virtue of the longest main boom in this performance class at 78 meters and the compact design of the crane, which makes it much easier to operate in often cramped site conditions. Both emphasized this when they picked up their new equipment from Terex Cranes in Zweibrücken. The crane was handed over by Terex Cranes Sales Manager Michael Zieger.

As the Demag AC 220-5 all terrain crane was a personal “model premiere” for both crane operators, they had previously had a close look at the crane’s performance features. They were particularly impressed by the innovative IC-1 Plus control system that allows the crane to handle lifts that would otherwise only be possible with larger cranes. The two operators were also impressed by the easy handling as well as the exceptionally easy accessibility of the technology, access to the hydraulic hoses, for example. “An excellent solution has been found here, we have never seen it before with other cranes,” they both explain, and are already looking forward to their first assignment with the new Demag AC 220-5, which CT Kranservice will use primarily for tower cranes assembly.

Featured Title photograph… From left to right: Sergej Becker (Crane Operator, CT Kranservice), Michael Zieger (Sales Manager, Terex Cranes), Josef Siler (Crane Operator, CT Kranservice)

Source Terex / Demag

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