CSD ALYARMOUK Launched at the Royal IHC Shipyard in Krimpen a/d IJssel for Arab Potash Company – Heavy Lift News
17 Dec 2020

CSD ALYARMOUK Launched at the Royal IHC Shipyard in Krimpen a/d IJssel for Arab Potash Company

On Wednesday 16 December, Arab Potash Company (APC) and Royal IHC (IHC) successfully launched cutter suction dredger (CSD) ALYARMOUK at IHC’s shipyard in Krimpen a/d IJssel, The Netherlands.

The custom-built vessel is a 3,557kW CSD and a further developed copy of the dredger JARASH, which IHC delivered to APC in 2018. As part of its long-term growth strategy, APC will use ALYARMOUK at its site in Jordan, where it will cut and remove crystallised salt under harsh conditions.

The ALYARMOUK is the last of three contracts signed between APC and IHC earlier this year. The first was for an IHC Beaver® 65, a 2,819kW dismountable CSD that was modified in order to work efficiently in the Dead Sea. The second contract was a three-year maintenance deal for the IHC dredgers JARASH and MUTAH, with the purpose of achieving and maintaining an agreed level of uptime.

“We are delighted to have reached the next phase in completing this so-called ‘salt mushroom dredger’ for APC,” says IHC’s CEO Gerben Eggink. “It’s a major milestone that confirms the strong and successful relationship between our two companies, and we hope to continue this cooperation. I wish the ALYARMOUK and all those who will sail on the vessel, safe and prosperous operations.”

“We are proud to be continuing our relationship with IHC, and vessels such as the ALYARMOUK are vital for our continued growth strategy,” says APC’s CEO Dr. Maen Nsour. “The ALYARMOUK will be working in challenging conditions, but we have full confidence in IHC’s technology and know that we can completely rely on them.”

After the launch, the ALYARMOUK will be commissioned and tested. Once concluded, the vessel will be lifted out of the water, demounted and transported to Jordan. When the parts arrive in Jordan, the ALYARMOUK will be reassembled and ready to execute its first assignment, supported by IHC Jordan local office.

The launch lift from the quay side was performed by 2 floating shearleg cranes in from the Rotterdam company Bonn and Mees, Matador 2 with a lifting capacity of 400t and Matador 3 with a lifting capacity of 1800t.

Source Royal IHC and Bonn and Mees

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