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6 Nov 2018

Crane incident in Rotterdam

The crane collapsed close to the entry and reception area of the old Dijkzigt Hospital in Rotterdam. Photograph – HeavyLiftNews

Date 6 November 2018

Today in Rotterdam, just a few kilometers from the office of, a crane collapsed when the platform on which it was standing gave way under the weight of the crane.

It was due to lift disused air-conditioning units from the old Dijkzigt Hospital part of the Erasmus University Hospital prior to demolition. The buildings were empty, and the only casualty is said to have been the crane operator who was treated for light wounds at the hospital.

The platform on which it stood was the roof of a bicycle parking area for employees of the hospital. The roof had a weight limit of 14t.

The 96t LTM1500-8.1 crane’s main boom crashed through the roof of the old reception area of building to be demolished.

Source and Photographs HeavyLiftNews

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