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4 Feb 2020

Crane Incident in Rostock – Investigation underway

While an investigation into the cause and results of the incident on Saturday is underway, we can report that the oil spill response vessel MV Flunder, operated by Baltic Taucherei is currently alongside in Rostock harbour only a few metres from the Liebherr quayside.

It is reported that the vessel has succeeded in sucking up about 100 litres of polluted water in the area of the incident. An oil spill barrage was set up immediately after the incident to limit the spread of any liquid for the cranes. The cranes have 7600l of hydraulic fluid and 3000l of diesel oil in total. Divers from the Flunder have closed and sealed the oil and hydraulic fluid lines.

The 2 cranes are on the harbour floor where the water depth is 10m.

In a statement from Lienherr this morning they state:

“For the time being we can confirm that an accident involving two Liebherr LHM 550 mobile harbour cranes occurred on January 31, 2020 at approx. 8:45 pm. Both cranes were loaded for export using ship cranes. The accident occurred while the second mobile harbour crane was being positioned on the ship. The ship tilted and both cranes slid into the harbour basin. An employee from the shipping company suffered a slight injury to the ankle. Currently, we are unable to make a precise statement about the damage. As the investigations are presently underway, any statements regarding the cause of the accident would be purely speculative at this point in time. We will do everything we can to support those involved in the investigation work. Measures to minimize the effects have been taken. The further procedure is currently being coordinated between the parties involved.”

Featured Title photograph the Oil Spill Response Vessel MV Flunder courtesy of Baltic Taucherei

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