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31 Aug 2018

Crane Boom Collapse

The collapsed box section of the crane boom resting on the Bridge deck. Photograph

Date 24 August 2018

Swire Blue Ocean (SBO) regrets to inform that four of the crew on board Pacific Osprey suffered injuries during a crane related work incident whilst berthed alongside in Eemshaven, Holland. The incident took place at approximately 17:25 (CET) on 23rd August when the box section of the crane boom on Pacific Osprey collapsed onto the deck adjacent to the bridge.

One of our crew members sustained a serious injury during the incident but has now been discharged from the Intensive Care Unit. Three other crew suffered minor injuries during the same incident. The four affected crew received prompt medical attention and were taken to hospital as was one other crew member who was suffering from shock. Three of the five crew have since been discharged from hospital. Next of kin have been notified and have travelled to the location where the company is providing all necessary support.

The incident occurred when the vessel was jacked up at the quayside and the only material damage caused was to the vessel. The crane was undergoing maintenance at the time of the incident and the vessel has suffered significant damage as a result. There were no injuries to any third party personnel nor any damage to the port infrastructure.

Pacific Osprey is a 2012 built, self-elevating Windfarm Installation Vessel installed with a 1,425 ton operating crane capacity. She has been working on the Hohe See project and, at the time of the incident, had three monopiles and three transition pieces on deck. 

Mikkel Gleerup, CEO of Swire Blue Ocean, said “The safety and well-being of our people is always our first priority. All support and resources have been mobilised to assist those affected and we will continue to support them and their families through this challenging time. Our team will maintain close management of the incident and has initiated a full and thorough investigation in cooperation with the local authorities.”

More information will be provided in due course.

Source Swire Blue Ocean Photograph from courtesy of Mariska Burema

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