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16 Mar 2020

COVID-19 and Heavy Lift News


As many countries enter a Lock-Down situation with only essential services being maintained it is very likely that fresh news will become scarce.

Whatever news you make can still be published on (HLN).  We will continue to search for, and publish, your news, but if possible please send it to us at .

Recycling is not just for the environmentalists … We can also publish interesting case histories of your heavy lift related work from the past. Again, if you have good case histories of completed projects then please send them in to us at HLN for publication.

We have plenty of news in our archives to read, such as the top read news item today at 10.55 is Mammoet Moves 800t Splitter Vessel in Alberta, Canada from January 2019!

In the mean time keep healthy and strong.

Best regards

The Editor


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