Counterweight road block – Heavy Lift News
30 Mar 2018

Counterweight road block

The view from a car

29. March 2018

Spotted in Elm Street, central London this week, a boom lift working in the street with little to no concern for passing traffic. 

The boom lift – an 86ft JLG 860AJ – is being used to work on the windows of a residential building- great to see a platform being used for this type of work, although in this case the contractor might have been better off with a spider lift or small truck mounted lift which could have parked in the street and worked with one sided set up? 

Working in the street, not a cone in sight

London usually requires a permit to work in the road and that usually requires a plan to cordon off the work, clearly not in this case.

Hopefully our correspondent stopped his car and advised the workman of the danger he was to himself and passing motorists.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series. Have a safe Easter Weekend. SOURCE:

The lift is being used to work on the windows above the Lotus Therapy CentreWe should note that the rental company would have been unaware of this usage of course.

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