Cost Cutting In-House Planning for Mexico From ALE – Heavy Lift News
21 Jan 2019

Cost Cutting In-House Planning for Mexico From ALE

ALE’s in-house engineering team has used its expertise to save site costs and devise a lifting design that optimized the site during multiple crane lifts throughout January in Mexico.

The global heavylifting leaders were contracted to lift modules, ranging from roof panels to plant modules, as part of a bigger construction project for a new steel mill plant in Silao located within the northern state of Guanajuato.

The scope involved lifting several items, weighing up to 300t each (330 US tons), using an LR11350 crawler crane with P boom. By using this configuration and small footprint, ALE was able to minimize congestion on site and enable construction work to continue. As the client to continue other work without crane pad interfering, overall project costs and build schedules were optimized.

“Because of the close working relationship we have established with our client and the proven track record in operations such as these, they had the confidence in our abilities to successfully complete this multi-lift project,” explained Rodney Parker, Vice President of Sales for ALE.

“Not only have we achieved this safely, but we were able to design a solution that minimized impact to the overall construction schedule and saved valuable time and costs.”

Photograph – ALE