Corendon are Pleased to Announce the Arrival of Mammoet 747 from Schiphol – Heavy Lift News
10 Feb 2019

Corendon are Pleased to Announce the Arrival of Mammoet 747 from Schiphol

The Grand Finale of a 3-night spectacular came to an end on Sunday morning when the Corendon Boeing 747 was placed next to their hotel near Schiphol Airport by Mammoet, with help from their SPMTs.

The shortest leg of the 3-night journey certainly needed the most precise maneuvering of the 3-nights, to place the aircraft, with a wingspan of more than 60m, between the hotel and the embankment of the slip roads from the A4 and A9 motorway interchange.

The overnight parking place for the 747 was next to the provincial by-road N232, Schipholweg, on the opposite side of the road on which the hotel is situated. All that was needed was to reverse the 70.6m long and 64.4m wide aircraft into its site next to the hotel. At one point the starboard wing was within centimetres of a hotel balcony terrace on which Mammoet engineers were passing on vital information to the SPMT controller.

The aircraft will now become an attraction for tourists, possibly with conference and other facilities, next to the hotel.

The whole project included:

  • bridging 17 ditches,
  • crossing a motorway roads consisting of 8 traffic lanes,
  • crossing a provincial 2 lane road
  • laying 2,600 steel plates over farm fields of 15 individual farmers

When asked about the cost of the project, Corendon Director, Atilay Uslu said that is was in the millions of Euros. He added that the purchase cost of the 747 was by no means the largest.

Mammoet’s involvement started when in November last year, giving the heavy lift company a tight schedule to get their operations ready within 3 months.

The 29 year old Boeing 747 comes to rest on the 50th Anniversary of the first test flight of a 747 in 1969, the first aircraft of a new class of aircraft with a ‘wide body’, which has become the norm today.

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