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14 Dec 2018

Conquer the Heavy.World. Be the first, be the leader.

Dear friends!

On 21.11.2018 at 1:00 p.m. we launched 31 HEAVY PORTALS all over the world.

Every project will provide information about project freight market in this country, its infrastructure, specifics of obtaining permits for bulky cargo transportation, as well as news, articles on history of transportation and a dedicated page with info for children. One of the main features is represented by our plan to accept requests for bulky transportation through these websites and pass them on to our partners.

We are positive that every web-portal will become the main source of data on project cargoes and installation in these countries.

Also, once a year we will hold a HEAVY DINNER – for all participants in every country. The project allows integration of partner company’s website with the web-portal. It will look like this – the home page of the web-portal will show 6 central icons, one of them presenting a partner company’s logo. The icons will be linked to full information about the company, photos of projects, equipment, etc., contact details and prompt redirection to the website of this company. Basically, such integration will introduce this company as a lead business in a specific country or in its area of competition. We are confident that integration into our web-project is the best advertisement as of today. We would like to offer you the opportunity to place the “button” of your company in the portal or we propose an exclusive package placement in the portals at your choice.

Looking forward to your replies!

Write to for any questions.