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23 Dec 2019

Conceptum Logistics on Oversized Load Transport in Queensland

Conceptum Logistics recently provided services and expertise in the management and coordination of oversize transport moves for an extraordinary project in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. A huge extendable outer shuttle ship loader boom had to be moved from its build site at local firm Melco Engineering, South of Mackay, to the city’s harbour.

In a four-hour operation the giant boom was lowered onto a pair of nine-axle Goldhofer trailers by three overhead cranes. To ensure maximum stability during movement, the unit was mounted on universal and swivel bearings so that it could rotate and swivel simultaneously.

The load weighed 175t and was 43.5m x 8.30m x 6.53m, which made it a challenge to obtain permits and approvals from all statutory bodies.

To determine the most practical and viable transport option for the customer, Conceptum Logistics Australia arranged three transport route surveys in cooperation with a variety of stakeholders such as the state electrical authority, the Queensland Rail, local councils and diverse contractors, consultants and road maintenance companies, all necessary for the timing and final configuration of the project.

Although it was only a few kilometers from origin to destination as the crow flies, they had to take a longer route of about 85 kilometers due to the extraordinary dimensions and weight of the cargo.

With more than 40 LV power lines requiring to be lifted, three HV power lines requiring isolation, three rail traffic signals requiring to be lowered, four narrow bridges requiring cargo to be jacked on trailers to pass through and numerous street furniture to be removed, this was one of the most challenging over size transport moves Conceptum Logistics had ever undertaken.

The convoy consisted of two police escorts, two electricity provider vehicles to take care of the power lines, two escort vehicles, two of Lampson International’s  Mack Titan prime movers, one pulling and one pushing the huge load on its twin trailers, plus several further supporting vehicles including vehicles from Conceptum. The front trailer was pulled and steered by the lead prime mover, whereas the rear trailer was pushed by the rear prime mover but steered manually by the operator on board the trailer.

The trailers were connected by draw and push bars, and each prime mover had a 10t  counterweight added to boost drive-wheel traction. The full rig measured 76.5m from headlights to tail lights, and weighed a fraction under 345.5 tons, the prime movers alone accounted for approximately 44t.

Although planning, preparation and permit approvals took months, to comply with all transport curfews and permit conditions, the transport itself was completed successfully without incident in two stages over two days.

A successful operation to add to Conceptum Logistics’ excellant reputation gained in many years of experience in the Mining Industry.

Source Conceptum Logistics and Lampson International

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